Peace for Paris

The past day has been a difficult one, with the terrible events unfolding in Paris. We at Oil Change International first and foremost send our thoughts to everyone affected.

In the hours since news broke, we’ve been grappling with what to do about the #StopFundingFossils day of action, set for today. It’s hard to know what to do on a day like today, and it seems like any choice you make is a tough one.

After speaking with trusted colleagues, friends and family, we’ve decided to move ahead with today’s #StopFundingFossils day of action. We are working hard to ensure all of our messages are sensitively worded. We encourage all of you to send messages of support to those in Paris, even as you work to pressure leaders to stop funding fossils. It’s hard to find the words, but we thought this image of peace from a French artist was touching and worth sharing.

It’s a tough decision. In the end, we know that the G20 isn’t canceled, the UN climate talks at the end of the month are still moving ahead, and the climate crisis continues to impact communities around the world. We will continue to strive towards a world in which human misery is not intensified by conflict over resources, droughts, and famines. A world where all people, whether in Paris, Beirut, or on the frontlines of climate change, can live in peace.

-David, Steve, and Elizabeth
Oil Change International

Peace for Paris